Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dream Come True

Chao everyone! This is a blog designated to my adventures of everything involving my Fulbright Grant to Vietnam. Everything from the long lengthy process of preparation, to the day I arrive, to the day I leave, and everything in between! 

As many of you probably have heard, I have to say that the Fulbright application and notification process is painstakingly long. I submitted my application October 12, 2010. I had to pretend to forget about it for a few months because I knew I would not find out if I made it to the final round, in which the US approves it, until January 31, 2011. It was quite a joyous day when I found out, but I knew I couldn't get too excited because it did not necessarily mean that I got it. I still had to wait for Vietnam to approve it--and that was supposed to happen between March and May. Talk about the waiting game! When March 1 rolled around, I compulsively checked my mailbox hoping to hear some news. Everyday--nothing. Starting the beginning of April, I found a forum ( that helped ease my nerves for the time being. Everyone was constantly updating what country has heard what and if any one has heard anything regarding the status of applications. It was nice to know I was not suffering alone! People were even describing the color envelope they received depending on whether or not they were accepted or rejected. So I knew I was looking for the large manila envelope. As March came and went, I knew I had to hear something any day. I was living life on constant edge. 

However it was not until the last week of April that I heard the letters for Vietnam had been sent out. AHH! After hearing that one of my forum friends had found out, I knew mine had to be coming within the next day or two. So on April 30, I went to my mailbox, closed my eyes, opened the door, put my hand in, and had never been more excited to feel a large manila envelope! The wait had finally ceased-hallelujah! And so now, here I am. I was so happy to know that I could officially start prepping for my trip. I had been so cautious to do anything because I did not want to jinx myself! 

So now, in my posts to come, you will be hearing about everything I am doing to get myself ready to take on the great country of Vietnam!

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  1. Congrats on your selection! Hope you have a wonderful time in Vietnam. It'll be interesting to read your thoughts about the FB program.