Saturday, October 15, 2011


Well, it is safe to say that it has been one hell of a week. So many things in my life changed so quickly these past few days and I am still dealing with trying to take it all in. Just trying to keep myself busy and keep myself occupied for the time being. One thing that certainly kept me distracted was searching for AND moving into a new apartment. My friends at work were insisting that I was paying too much (~$400 a month) at the place I was currently living. I was pretty apprehensive to move since I lived so close to work and wasn't sure I was going to be able to find another place in walking distance. (Note: I am still super terrified at riding my motorbike on a regular basis so really wanted to stay close by to places I was going to be daily). I was also apprehensive to move because I was FINALLY starting to feel at home at my other place--moving to VN was certainly an adjustment and I was not really in the mood to try to settle in someplace new. And the last reason I was apprehensive about moving is because I really, really, really did not want to deal with looking for an apartment. I absolutely HATE looking for places to live in the US and I was not about to happily jump into the process over here. However, my friends said they would help me look around and I said I would think about it.

Out of the blue, Miss Lien said they had found a place for me and already arranged for me to go look at it. (This is just one example of many in which I am heavily babied by VN people--they like to take care of me). The place was literally across the street from my current residence, so I immediately gave it a +1. I saw 2 rooms--one of the first floor and one on the third floor. Both were the same but I gave the first floor room a -2 because it was dark and had no view and it smelled like museum specimens. Upon entering the room on the third floor, I fell in love immediately. It was so bright and cheerful and had an even nicer bathroom than the one at my old place (+1), microwave (+1), and a spectacular view of HCMC (+1). Although the room did not have a kitchen, it has a nice kitchen on the first floor for the whole apartment to use (+1). And how can I forget to mention that it is only 6 million dong (~$300) a month (+1). I was sold.  The only negative things I can think of about it is that the building is on top of a Loteria (disgusting fast food place) and even though I say it is on the 3rd floor, it is really on the 5th because of the way the building is set up so it is quite a hike up the stairs--I'll make do. I signed the contract the next day and they were ready for me to move in immediately. I couldn't believe how easy it was. Reason #123902 to havev Vietnamese friends in Vietnam.

Soo, now that I have babbled on and on, I guess I could show you some pictures:

So you have probably noticed the posters and maps. If anybody knows me they know I am obsessed with animals and obsessed with maps so I couldn't resist these when I saw them for about 50 cents a piece at the supermarket.

proudly admitting that my room resembles a 2nd grade classroom

eeee giant bath tub

good morning, vietnam!!!!!

I have to say, that even though 10 months seems like an awfully long time, it is moving rather quickly. I have already been here for 2 months and I can only think that things are going to start moving even more rapidly. I am leaving for my first field trip on Friday and will be gone for about a week. SOOO excited but also SOOO nervous. So I have that to look forward too and to help me from feeling down and out. Miss everyone from home. And I really mean that.

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