Sunday, January 8, 2012

new year in 'nam

I go through a phase once or twice a year for about a week or so where I only listen to The White Album and simply cannot tolerate any other music. It just so happens that you have caught me during one of those moments. Therefore I have decided to share with you the greatest song ever most relevant song resonating with me, as I am currently dealing with unbearable jetlag and am a bit dazed and confused trying to pick up where I left off from before Christmas. As many of you know, I was home sweet home for the holidays. It was lovely and spent a majority of my time cuddling with and squeezing my cat, enjoying much-needed whiskey sours, and  praying for snow (which I finally experienced during the blizzard on the drive to the airport).

Although a breath of fresh air and wonderful to see my friends and family, I was surprised at how much I missed HCMC and was more than happy to return. However, I quickly reiterated that thought upon landing in 90 degree weather at midnight and coming home to a broken AC. Regardless, I would still like to share some of the SE Asian charm that welcomed me outside my window.
my little coconut cake lady that doesn't rip me off

Needless to say, I'm obsessed with my new camera.

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