Sunday, March 4, 2012

học tiếng viêt.

After winning free classes, I started back up with learning the language. Now, I am totally hooked. My school is seriously incredible and I am obsessed with my teachers. I don't usually go out of the way to go on and on about something, but I feel like they are worth mentioning. If you are a strange person I don't know reading my blog and are in Vietnam looking to learn Vietnamese, look to none other than VLS. Here is a short adorable video about my school

Also, here is a link to pics from the adorable little cooking party my school hosted for the students.

The more words I learn, the more I think the Vietnamese have the driest, wittiest sense of humor. All of their words are just combinations of other smaller words so that once you know the smaller words, you can but 2 + 2 together and realize how obvious the real word meant. I will give you some examples.

"cá voi" translates to "whale"--"cá" literally means fish and "voi" means "elephant"--duh of course a logical name for a whale would be an elephant fish.

"hút thuốc" translates to "smoke" (as in cigarettes)--"hút" translates to "to suck" and "thuốc" means "drugs"--"to suck drugs" intuitive.

And finally my favorite:

"lựu đạt" translates to "grenade"--however, "lựu" means "pomegranate" and "đạt" means "bullet". So, obviously the person who coined the word for grenade was the snarkiest person alive, as you literally can picture a flaming flying pomegranate as equivalent to a grenade.

Now, onwards to level 3!

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