Wednesday, June 20, 2012

only in vietnam [entry #1]

Because I only have about a month left here (WOW), I am desperately trying to document all the quirky/ridiculous things in this country to share with people back home. There will (hopefully) be more similar entries to this one, so get excited.

On my last trip to Hanoi, I was lucky enough to be there on Ho Chi Minh's birthday. WOOO! (SIDENOTE: here, he is commonly referred to as "Uncle Ho". Now, whatever your opinion may be on Uncle Ho, I have been told that everyone here in Vietnam adore him. Why is that? Because his image is on every piece of currency--which is always warmly welcomed by all).

Now, even though on Uncle Ho's deathbed he wished for his ashes to be sprinkled across the highlands of Central Vietnam where he can continue to grow and flourish in the hearts of the Vietnamese people, insisting not to have any fancy-schmancy monument built in his honor, the government still did the complete opposite. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi could not be any more noticeable. The least they could have done is used a little less concrete. Oh, Vietnam.

I believe there are few other places in the world that have a giant park dedicated to Vladamir Lenin. Definitely impossible not to chuckle when driving past this.

children frolicking through Lenin Park

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